La Marzocco Group Head Shower Screen

La Marzocco Group Head Shower Screen

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This is the newest version of the group head shower screen from La Marzocco, etched with their famous lion logo, designed to replace the factory part in any domestic or commercial La Marzocco espresso machine. The shower screen helps to disperse the water through the group head onto the coffee puck and so needs to be kept clean and in good shape for optimal extraction.

Shower screens may become damaged but should not need to be replaced very frequently under normal conditions of use. Nevertheless busy cafes may find that shower screens wear out, and accidental damage can happen. In that event, we would recommend replacing your shower screen as soon as possible to avoid channeling in the puck.

It is also very important to regularly clean your shower screen by back-flushing your machine, and if necessary, removing it and and soaking it in detergent to remove coffee residue.


La Marzocco Shower Screen specifications

  • Primary material: stainless steel
  • Manufacturer: La Marzocco
  • Size: 57.5mm diameter
  • Part code: F3040
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