Mzansi Coffee™ was born out of the dream to house all of the best roasted coffee from South African roasters, all under one domain, in the spirit of Mzansi and togetherness. 
Coffee beans in bag


The first wave of coffee is generally understood as the era when most coffee consumers understood coffee to be just coffee without differentiation as to origin or beverage type. These were instant coffee, diner coffee & bottomless.


The second wave of coffee is generally credited a coffee & tea company from Berkley, California, which is in the late 60’s began artisanal sourcing, roasting & blending with focus on highlighting countries of origin & their signature dark roast profile. This company inspired the founders of the most famous multinational coffee chain in the world. In addition to origin, the second wave introduced coffee-based beverages to the wider coffee-consuming world, such as iced coffees, lattes, frappes and so on.

Coffee in grinder


The third wave is where we are now. This era of coffee is associated with the concept of speciality coffee, referring either to graded unroasted coffee beans. These are high quality beans scoring 80 points or more on a 100 point scale.

The legend of Kaldi

According to legend, coffee was discovered by accident, by an observant goat herder named Kaldi in the ninth century Abyssinia which is known as Ethiopia in present day. After noticing his goats were very energetic & hyperactive, he decided to investigate, and found the cherries his goats were eating. He tried the cherries himself and experienced a never before euphoria.

With his experiment, he rushed to his village and showed his discovery to a Sufi abbot in the village who said the cherries are black magic & threw it into the fire. The aroma of roasting coffee beans changed the abbots mind, and he then made an infusion for the other Sufi monks to drink. From this day forward, life evolved around coffee for everyone..