BrewTool Macaroon Distributor - Mzansi Coffee™

BrewTool Macaroon Distributor

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Simply place on top of your dose in your portafilter and spin in a clockwise direction to evenly and consistently distribute your coffee before tamping.

The Distributor features three angled slopes that efficiently, evenly and consistently move the coffee around in a circle motion to create an even puck. It even suits those using very low doses or larger baskets and can be adjusted to suit a range of doses, depending on specific roasting styles. Less micro-channeling and channeling, improper or rushed distribution, is more likely to channel which can be disastrous to taste. Micro-channeling is also difficult to see at times and is more likely to happen with no distribution or inconsistent distribution – the Distributor will remove this variable.


Please note: Stock expected to arrive in SA on late-July 2022

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