Brew Guide: Aeropress

The Aerobie Aeropress is one of the newest brew methods to impress the world of specialty coffee. Its portability and durability make it ideal for travel, and its design and range of use allow it produce excellent coffee with a myriad of variables to manipulate. The Aeropress is an immersion brewer with a pressing motion, but is very different than the French Press. Brewing with this device is relatively quick and simple to clean. The final cup will be rich and clean, free of sediment unless you decide to use a metal filter.



  • Aeropress Classic or Aeropress GO, Funnel and stirrer
  • Digital coffee scale
  • Measurements: 18g coffee; 250ml hot water
  • Grind: Medium-fine
  • Filter: Aeropress paper filter / Able Steel Filter
  • Method: Inverted – The Aeropress will be brewed with the filter cap facing upwards and the plunger already attached on the bottom




  1. Bring enough water to just below a boil (91 - 93° C ) in order to brew the coffee and rinse the paper filter. Too hot and you will burn your coffee, too cold and you will get an under extraction (weak coffee).
  2. Place the filter in the filter cap and rinse it by pouring a couple grams of hot water over it.
  3. Weigh out 18 grams of coffee and grind it medium-fine. Put the funnel on top of the Aeropress then pour the grounds in. Remove the funnel.
  4. Give the Aeropress a small shake to level the coffee then pour 50 grams of water, saturating all the grounds evenly, and rest for 40 seconds to allow for bloom.
  5. After 40 seconds have passed, pour the remaining 200 grams of water in slowly and evenly so that all the grounds continue to be fully saturated. Agitate the coffee with the stirrer provided slowly for about 10 seconds.
  6. After a total of 1:20 has passed, place the cap on the Aeropress and flip the device over and onto a mug or your new reusable coffee cup.
  7. Begin by pressing down slowly. Too fast, and the bitterness in the grounds will be released. 30 seconds of pressure is ideal but the slower the better for a clean and clear extraction.
  8. Once you hear air being forced through the filter (hiss sound) turn the Aeropress back over. Trash the grounds and save the filter, then rinse off the equipment including the filter. Your paper filter can be reused a few more times if rinsed thoroughly immediately. If you do it properly, it will revert back to a white colour.
  9. Sip and enjoy!



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