Baratza Encore ESP Electric Coffee Grinder White - Mzansi Coffee™

Baratza Encore ESP Electric Coffee Grinder White

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Optimized for precision, the Encore™ ESP delivers the grind resolution you need to brew creamy, syrupy shots of espresso. With simple turn-of-the hopper adjustments and the included dosing cup, the Encore™ ESP simplifies your espresso workflow.

Espresso Made Simple

Dialing in the perfect shot of espresso requires precision grinds. The high-resolution grind range makes it easy to enjoy rich, syrupy shots of espresso!

Built For The Daily Grind

The Encore™ ESP's metal adjustment system is built to endure the rigors of daily espresso grinding. #1-20 will get you high-resolution espresso grinds and #21-40 is ready to grind for filter, french press, or cold brew!


  • Dimensions: 13 W x 15 D x 34 H (cm)
  • Grind Speed: 1.3g/sec - 2.2g/sec
  • Burrs Speed: 550 RPM
  • Hopper: 300g
  • Bin: 120g
  • Burrs: 40mm Conical Steel (M2)

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